Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inside the Texas Insider

A post from Texas Insider blogged about Governor Rick Perry. She did an awesome job stating the obvious about re-election of Governor Rick Perry. In attendance to stating the obvious she discussed the problems/situation Perry has pulled the state of Texas into. Also, she added an interview of Debra Medina following the stunt of Rick Perry’s new ad. It’s clear to see that Ms. Driver is not a big fan of Rick Perry and his work.

I would agree with her. The toll roads are something most Texans use. Why do we have a company from Spain building our toll roads? What happened to the good ole’ days of true American work to get things done? Is the company from Spain also running, and possible stealing, our hard earned money?

Bilderberg group? A secret? If you’re a politician in Texas do not try to hide or make anything secret. This makes great ammo to use against any politician in Texas. The Logan Act forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign affairs, but what does that have to do with all those people meeting?

Again, Rick Perry and his ad ha, let’s talk dirty politics for sure. I understand in something like running for governor that you do have to duke it out with the other candidates, but it makes no sense and can make some voters turn their heads towards a candidate because of their childish impulsive ads.

I can further say I don’t truly follow Rick Perry as governor, but what I do see and know I don’t like.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cost of College Increases

Tuition at Austin Community College is rising starting fall semester. Each credit will tack on a three dollar increase to the tuition bill. It’s the first tuition increase in over five years.

Student’s living in the ACC taxing district currently pay $165 dollars for one class, the increase will change the class price to $174 dollars. A five percent increase. Student’s living outside ACC district currently pays $459 dollars per class and after the tuition increase will start paying an eight percent increase of $498 dollars per class, a thirteen dollar increase for the unlucky students living out of district.

The major budget increase is to enable and sustain the level of programs and student services without asking more of the ACC taxpayers. What is the difference? How much more would ACC taxpayers be taxed? A three dollar increase on class isn’t much but would it be the same if it went towards the taxpayers? Of course we have to think about the student’s out-of-district who pay almost three times the price of the in district students.

It’s a little unfair for the students who pay out of their pockets to have their tuition increased, especially living out of district. Some students cannot afford to move in district and there may not be any other community college but ACC close by. The list goes on…but again, it’s only a small increase, some student’s may be upset they have to pay close to $500 dollars a class. Some students may not be able to afford it and drop out. On the other hand, students living in district are still paying taxes and the tuition increase come fall, but is it really a fair price between the two out-of-district and in district? How much do taxpayers pay for ACC?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Texas Prison System Blog

I found the article by sohell about Texas having the worst prison sex abuse. I found this article crazy and somewhat nasty. I would have never thought that Texas would be number one in the rankings of worst sex abuse in prison. In fact, I never really thought of sex abuse taking place in prison by the guards to the inmates.

The article says that the state government is finding a solution to control sex abuse of prisoners behind bars. First of all, how is the government going to find a “solution” for this? I don’t believe video cameras or programs are truly going to help the situation in prison. I feel sorry for the inmates to an extent but this is probably something reoccurring in the prison system not only in Texas, but everywhere in the United States. This issue isn’t discussed a lot and should be brought up. Sexual abuse is a serious action and is damaging to prisoners and guards. I’m still upset on the action taken’ by the guards. Maybe the government should fire the guards or replace them with new and improved guards, but who’s to say the new ones won’t do the same.

I believe the blogger did a great job finding this article and posting it up for all of us to be aware. Not only that but they did a pretty good job discussing it themselves. I do believe something should be done about this matter and should be done fast. I believe it is disturbing and actions should be enforced.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Budget Hole?

Texas' 2010/2013 budget is at a short fall and there are some money hole's that need to be filled in order to help Texas out. The budget hole ranges from $11 billion to $15 billion.

So where will Texas get the money for the budget? Of course, budget cuts. These cuts include prison guard layoffs, reduced payments to doctors and Medicaid providers. Budget watchers say it is unlikely that legislators will be able to cut their way out of the hole when they return to Austin in January.

Budget cuts won't be the sole solution," said Dale Craymer, president of the business-backed Texas Taxpayers and Research Association. Would budget cuts be enough considering the massive amount needed to fill the budget hole? It would be highly doubtful. So what else is in mind for the legislators?

We see that state Rep. Rene Oliveira, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is looking for new money and has begun hearings on the issue. "I'm not going to waste time on tax increases … if the votes aren't there and the governor is going to veto them," Oliveira said. It seems the only way to recover from a budget debt would be raising taxes and not just making layoffs and cutting payments to only doctors and Medicaid providers. Although lawmakers and Gov. Rick Perry signed an Americans for Tax Reform pledge that binds them to oppose ‘any’ and ‘all’ tax increases.

So, will we see the budget recover from its hole without hurting our pockets? Most likely no, but let’s hope something is in the works so Texas doesn’t get into budget trouble again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texas Government Pushes National Government

I found a commentary article in the Texas blog called "In The Pink". It's more to me about how Texas government challenges national government.

Of course the blog is about health care in America and how the health care reform bill has been passed by the house. Many politicians are upset that such a thing could be passed. Attorney general Greg Abbott issued a statement saying that, "the federal legislation violates the constitution by infringing upon our civil liberties." In this health care bill it includes the federal funding of abortions. Religious people would go crazy over this. Some believe in abortions and some despise it. Can we say MAJOR controversy over the shouting of "baby killer" by our own Rep Randy Neugebauer?? I think so. Although it states that he wasn't called the speaker a baby killer just Obama's executive order a baby killer. Representatives from Texas are sure thrown themselves out there to get chewed up. This is my blog and my opinion so I agree with Texas' step in the health care bill but to that account I only leave one foot in the door with the other foot wondering where to step. The health care bill is still somewhat confusing. What’s its purpose to help America and is it really going to help? Going back to another note on Randy Neugebauer's behavior, this leads to his refusal to share medical health. Noted by "In the Pink" shares with us the prostate procedure Mr.Neugebauer received and he had the "best medical treatment around", but he does not want to share that wealth he got with the people of the United States. I'm in it for both views. HORRAY for Texas representative and attorney general for taking charge towards the national government and BOO for it to be so darn dramatic. I'm still stuck on both sides. Yes I want the bill to pass and No I don't want it to pass. What’s in it for me? Let's see how far Texas and maybe other states will take this health care.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marine discusses "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" saga

An Article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram discusses a marines stand on the issue of the ban against gays and lesbians. Check it out...

My Comment...

Marine General James T. Conway’s argument is based on whether or not the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy would have an effect on the military’s ability “to fight the nation’s wars”. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a study that has been going on for some time now. The audience the writer is mainly focused on would most likely be anyone in the armed forces. It hits home to any gays or lesbians currently in the armed forces now or that would like to join. It also affects friends, family, and other members in the armed forces as well. This is a broad subject that now nobody wants to avoid for another seventeen years. It became a big deal to gays and lesbians and now they want to repeal it. Now the generals and officers are speaking out about how this affects the efforts of fighting the nation’s war. Is it really a big deal if gays and lesbians serve in the military? How is it any different from a strait person serving in the military? This is my opinion but I have two sides to everything. It states in this article that under the policy thirteen thousand men and women have left the military. It also says that this number has declined since U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001. What the armed forces intend to ask, is does this policy affect the ongoing of future wars? Army Chief of staff General George Casey and Air Force Chief General Norton Schwaltz told the congressional committee that they believe it would be wrong to change the policy while the nation is at war. What comes next?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heated exchange at city meeting

I found this article in Austin American Statesman about a heated argument. Check it out...

During a city advisory board meeting Tuesday night, Alayne Johnson questioned Austin's standard of requiring contractors to make a "good faith effort" to hire minority-owned subcontracting firms.

That discussion spilled over into the lobby of City Hall after the meeting adjourned, during which Johnson told a city official that she was "going to get" her, according to a city incident report.

"We need to get away from this 'good faith' bull crap," Johnson told Assistant City Attorney Sabine Romero during a meeting of Minority Business Enterprises/Women Business Enterprises and Small Business Council Advisory Committee.

"Our tax dollars are going right out the door with these prime contractors, and we are not working.

"I have a problem with that," said Johnson, a representative of the Austin Black Contractors Association . " I have a right to speak. It's freedom of speech, and I am speaking."

The exchange was recorded on a video camera that documents public meetings at City Hall.

During the meeting, Romero told Johnson that she needed to be respectful with her comments.

"I'm very respectful," Johnson replied. "You cannot judge me. If you want to have a fight, a battle here, we can."

Moments later, according to an incident report written by a City Hall security guard, Romero ran to the guard and told the guard that Johnson had chased her and told her "I'm going to get to you," according to a city employee who read the report.

"I yelled that I was calling APD," the guard wrote in the report.

The incident took place outside a boards and commission meeting room at City Hall, where dozens of people were also attending a Zoning and Platting Commission meeting.

Austin police were notified about the incident Wednesday.

City officials would not release the guards report because they said it was part of an ongoing investigation.

Johnson declined to comment on the incident, other than to say, "Make sure whatever you are writing is correct, or I will come after you."

Romero did not return calls seeking comment.

This is crazy talk. Someone is getting a little too defensive to call out a fight, especially to an official. Maybe the, "I will come after you" might have been made up by the guard. Who really knows. It is clear that Johnson did offer a fight. If two public representatives cannot even have a simple argument without getting heated then I'm not too sure I want them to be public representatives.In political world, it's all crazy talk.